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Over 50 years of design and manufacturing experience.

Sea Eagle Rescue Boat Spray

Producing high-quality inflatables since 1968.


For over 50 years Sea Eagle Boats, Inc. has provided the world with the very best of inflatable hulls. Developing a reputation for offering the finest quality, most advanced materials, state of the art manufacturing, and the latest in innovation and custom designs. 


Sea Eagle hulls can be found throughout the world in use by emergency services, scientific researchers, and explorers alike.


Providing an incredible sense of comfort, security, and reliability knowing that well over 50 years of experience is standing behind you and your team.

  • Can you tell me more about the floorboards?
    Our molded proprietary non-slip plastic interlocking tongue and groove floorboards are virtually unbreakable and resistant to sun, saltwater, and other chemicals. Interlocked at both ends of each individual panel, reinforced with side interlocking aluminum struts and an aluminum reinforcement kit makes for the strongest, most durable, non-slip floorboards on the market.
  • Does the boat have anti-slide features?
    Yes, the patented outside drop stitch external inflatable keel provides several unique performance benefits. First, it creates the ability to turn sharply and precisely in any direction. It also provides extra buoyancy at the bow, enabling this boat to ride over waves rather than getting plowed by them. This same feature in combination with large rear rounded air chambers results in a much faster-planing hull than others on the market. Unlike other rescue boats with an inside inflatable keel, the overall performance of the Sea Eagle Rescue Boat is far more precise, responsive, and stable in all sea conditions. U.S. Patent- #8,286,573 2
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