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Sea Eagle Rescue Boats -

A Critical Part of Your Team

Sea Eagle is an established boat manufacturer known for making dependable inflatable boats- in fact, they have sold over 500,000 of them. They create rugged inflatable boats especially for emergency service departments in the US and globally. Sea Eagle boats have been sold to hundreds of fire departments and rescue operators for several decades. From flood work in Bombay to Lake Michigan, rescue professionals put their faith in Sea Eagle.


"These boats are lightweight and very durable. Used mainly in flooded streams, creeks, and rivers. They have held up extremely well against mother nature and the river debris we encounter. Area departments have seen the 14sro in use and ordered them for their own departments. "

Newton County Rescue and Recovery

Assistant Chief 1303 - Dan LaDue

Our rescue boat, the Rescue14 IRB, is versatile enough to be used for dives, special ops, water rescues, and fire fighting situations. We sell our boats to national, state, and overseas emergency management agencies and welcome your request for proposals to become your partner for your rescue and disaster preparedness operations.


"We had an opportunity to test/review the 14sro Inflatable rescue boat. The 14sro IRB is easy to assemble and launch. Lightweight with easy carrying handles. Flooring sections easily lock into place. Ease of handling was our very first impression, easily turns and handles in moving/swiftwater. Customer service is very helpful with any questions. Overall we feel the 14sro IRB is a VERY reliable, affordable and great purchase for any Rescue company."


Lead Instructor - David Cruz


"The 14sro is rugged and well built. No issues with use in swift water and flood environments.  Lightweight and easily carried to and from the water.  The customer service representative was very open to suggestions and easy to contact.  A very budget friendly model that would fit most fire department needs. "

St. Clair SESA

Rescue Captain - Mike Mueller

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